why am I the misfit of all being here

In the middle of business dinner conversation and people asks about work experiences and I have finally understand myself why I’m feeling like a misfit in between, like a rookie among the rocket scientists.. the most analog person in digital.

Of all the job I took before I have least or no experience except knowing how the consumer within the category works.

When I tool the digital job, my friend warned me that I will lose all the credibility I have made in doing ads and events and the connection with all the press. She said that I might lose all, and end up having no one hiring me at such payroll. Plus I’m not a tech savvy girl, of all I’ve got one out of one thousand case of motherboard failures. I’m a late gadget adopters and always believe in the functionality that a gadget bring to our lives.

When I first joined in Danone-Sarihusada, I have never take charge of doing contact center, carelines, databases, and even dealing with system. I did understand bits cause I’ve spent times to observe how things operate. But never take charge before. And there was winning Gold on our 2nd year of operations.

So I guess that’s my specialties, the unknown area. No wonder if I aim for something that never exist before. Because I believe someone gotta start somewhere.. 

Of course I have something constant in my life except of finding new things to do.. That is how I keep my feet in the world of women and motherhood. At the end it’s about how well do you know your consumer and take part to create a value for their life. This is about being presence at the human level — no matter how savvy you are.

I’m constantly happy being a misfit, and now I would raise a question to myself when finding myself in the majority side cause when that happen I lose the essence of being who I am.