So I have these questions quite often since I pursue my Independent Professional Life and coming up with Tech – Teach – Touch. Some are having problem digesting the fact that I do things and not only one, and moreover to consciously choose the life that is far of what our parents told us about security. From a question of What makes your clients pay you well, to What are you, really? :-)

For the purpose of efficiency, I choose to write it here. I would say people would prefer to go and check this than to my personal website. That’s the beauty of social media ;-)

To simplify, here’s 3 cases I do most :


IF you’re a CEO or business owner and believe that you hired the best people that have huge potentiality yet somehow they’re not in the same frequency as yours ? you feel the itch to stretch and wanting them to as well have their own legacy.

This is the part where I chip in to help to orchestrate the team and their delivery,¬† coaching them to manifest great idea to exceptional deliveries and growing their selves in the journey through¬†provoking thoughts, achievable challenges, and a hand for them to reach out at ease. Luckily as well, I have one of the most wanted skill in the market — you can aim the project and people in one shot ;-)


IF you’re a career woman and you’re familiar with the feeling of wanting to serve best in whatever you do at the same time cant help feeling guilty being a working mom or a daughter. Wanting freedom for self but at the same time needing safety and peacefulness.¬†

This is the part where I help you to get that peace within you, in whatever decision you have made in your life. Letting you see how you best function in both professional and personal life. Letting you hear your inner voice saying, You Can and You Deserve your achievements in life. And to experience this through enjoyable activities, strengthening your steady ground so you will be able to take off higher and faster. And most importantly, be content with who you are :-) This moment is the most beautiful part being a Coach.


IF you realize that this is the time for you to step forward. You did what you have to do. You achieve excellence in professional life and in personal life. You have mentors and sponsors who helped you reach this position. You have best taken care people surrounds you, and asking self if you owe yourself the time for your own development that goes beyond trainings and retreats. You have an urge sense of helping others and paying forward. You think, it’s time to take another step, to uncover the infinite possibility.

This is the part where I do customer design to coach you to rejuvenate you life goals. Taking you to a movie where you have seen your life and the meaning in your life and letting you experience the new possibility to learn about your life the way you never learn before. As you learn more about yourself, you will find inspirations flowing into you as much as your contribution towards others. This is where I smile peacefully :-)



Enjoy today :-)