Things we learn from FROZEN – the movie

My daughter Athena love Frozen in every bits, and I love that she loves it so much. She sang to it everyday like she sang to Tinkerbell’s songs. But it’s not only about the song, also about the stories itself…like the way it tells you not to buy in Love at First Sight and about marrying someone you just met :D


Things I want my daughter to remember to learn about FROZEN:

  1. true love isn’t always about first kiss and cinderella stories.
  2. you will eventually see how much a person loves you when he/she promptly gave his/her life to save you. Even at small things trying to make you smile.
  3. everybody need somebody. For a girl, it doesn’t mean a stranger looking at your eyes saying how beautiful you are.. see your surroundings, families, friends.
  4. don’t push away your powers. Embrace it, be vulnerable, be honest, at most be human and don’t be afraid to share your worries as much as you love sharing the hapiness.
  5. the power of letting go. When all you have is you and accept fully who you are, that’s when you can see the world clearer.
  6. is that sometimes the people you love try to push you away.. because they love you and not wanting to hurt you, when they can’t help themselves. They thought they did it to save you.

If you’re the one pushing people away -try to stop, and try to be honest.
If you’re the one being pushed away – give your most compassion to them, they can’t help it and not wanting to hurt you.
And try not to stop trying..


March 2014