Services : TECH – TOUCH – TEACH


Professionally and generally known as Digital CRM & Branding Professional ; with over 13 years experiences across Multinational Agencies and Companies, with wide spectrum of clients, brands, and projects in both On Ground & Online to Mass Media, collaborating between Hi Tech & Hi Touch. Currently performing role as an Independent Consultant in Digital CRM Platform (Marketing Technology Implementation) Project in a Multinational FMCG Company in Jakarta.


With the knowledge of Consumer Life Journey in CRM that helps me to understand moment of truth in life, the patterns of one’s life timeline and how transformation happen within self system to achieve Wellbeing; serving my calling in people development to apply the knowledge I learn in URL to IRL (in real life) I am also a Professional LifeJourney Coach, Licensed English Speaking NLP Coach and Women Advancement Edupreneur. Member of International Coach Federation (ICF) Currently providing women support through .


As a Registered Yoga Teacher and an NLP Master Practitioner, I open up counseling sessions and private/small group yoga classes. Combining both science of NLP and Yoga especially through Breathing & Mindfulness Meditation in my practices to create a holistic Wellbeing; your body, your mind, & emotion.


I am fulfilling my Karma Yoga to help more people and practice selflessness, email me if you’d like to collaborate to give back or pay forward to community.