They said that the world will laugh with you when you laugh.
As if you saw the flapping leaves giggling between the tickling winds.

And when you cry, you will cry alone.
As if the sky shut down the lights, the sun doesn’t care how tired you have been.

The truth is, life is a mirror.

The Mirror wall in Amber Fort - Jaipur - INDIA
The Mirror wall in Amber Fort – Jaipur – INDIA

You are what you see. Life can only be the echo of it.
When you are happy then you will see the world from a happy thoughts. Those grey nerves in your brain start sparking a happy feeling which triggers the rest of the brain to think, feel, and act as a happy person as in result you see the world as happy, cause you stand in a happy place.

On the contrary, when you’re in despair, you see things as sad. Your body is closed, your eyes gaze down and all your brain can figure is to express that sadness. Then life amplifies it.

Life amplifies you. What you feel, think, and do.
Life is your own reflection.

When someone hurt you, you can only feel hurt when you allow it. Then the question has shifted from, ‘why do you hurt me?’ To ‘what’s in the action that press my sadness button?’
Then you will start to look inside and behind, then you meet yourself and get to know yourself better. It doesn’t really matter when one hurts you, at the end it’s how you responds to it.

Because life reflects you well.

Are You ALIVE today ?




Few questions for yourself when you wake up in the morning,

How do you want to remember today ?

How are you going to make your dream come true ?

Are you awake? I meant fully awake realizing the breathe and your heartbeats..

What stops you today ?

Who’s voice is that in your head ?

Are you breathing ? can you really feel the air?

When if not now is the best time to start ?

Where if not here is the best place to be ?

Who if not you who knows your dream best ?

What if not a chance you will be asking for ?

How if not making mistakes then you will learn from it ?

What have you learnt from yesterday ?

What is most important in your life ?

Why wait ?