a Pillow Talk in Social Insight 2014

In Feb 27th 2014, I was invited to speak in Socialbakers’ Social Media Insight 2014 in Singapore. At first I was wondering why we’re invited to speak there, not that I’m aware that our Facebook Fanpage Aku Anak SGM & Mama Care had been in the top of Most Devoted Brands of FMCG category or perhaps the fact that we synergize our carelines which brought us GOLD from Indonesia Contact Center Award in 2013. I think we still have a lot to learn on how to excel in it, yet I guess we can always learn from what we share…

So my mission is tell the story from the other side, of reason why we are unique at the first place. Because I think that would be the foundation on how you can transform your careline into something that is more powerful — a power of nurturing a relationship and a personality of your company.

Check on my presentation here

Of course, after a big reason why, people came to me and still ask me the steps on how to do the transformation. And I owe you one to write them here. They are go to one simple recipe. Be Human.