Marketing to Mothers

Nope. No science behind this. Even though I have been doing marketing to mothers almost like a decade now and way before I am one.

The fact how marketeers are focused on fulfilling this motherhood moments with so many information and offers is not completely wrong, or misleading, yet I have to say blinded sometimes.

And because I’m a mother, and I do marketing gor a living, I’ve come with 2 pieces of reminder on doing Marketing for Mothers (at least keep reminding myself):


1) There is a woman in every mother.

What happen when a baby is born? The whole world and eyes went to his little eyes and fingers. That is the most natural thing to happen, the whole world revolve around him. Every mother would put her first 3 priority for baby, baby, baby. That what put a smile on each mother’s voice. And many times forgetting that every mother is a woman inside. We are not only doing babies. We do shoes and make ups sometimes.

There are times when a mother doesn’t even bother if they have time for themselves as a woman, this is the great time to say to her, that there’s a woman inside of her.

She wanna be a stay at home mom, try to sell things out on facebook and end up also buy things from other mothers. Unessentially a motherhood stuff. Yet this is how women operates within circles of trusts. There’s a need for every mother as in women to support and have encouragement from and to other women. Mothers are the type of women that has gone through sleepless nights and 9mos of roller coaster ride. Tell me if this one won’t cherish a nice shoes.

Women, if you date one and she says ‘I’m ok’ what is the chance that she needs a hug? :-)

Get the message clear, she may be special because she’s a mother but her inner will always be a woman.

So when you try to do marketing to mother, think of what would it takes to date a special woman. Please do enlight our lives ;-)


2) When a woman become a mother, she has became wiser.

Meaning, don’t sell her crap. Don’t tell her lies or things that you don’t really meant to. Just be honest. Be authentic in your communication with mothers. Don’t speak from a brand’s voice or product’s. Speak from your heart, a human voice.

Every mother can bear any imperfection in life. And the least thing she can bear is telling her if the world goes fine while it’s not.

She can tell it from her hunch or maybe from the pieces she heard from her circles. She has became wiser in a way that she will look things thoroughly and ask her spheres.

Be wise in your communication, and be authentic in your marketing. Cause she can get the facts from anyone. One is said a worried mother investigates better than FBI.

She knows things :)


That’s it. It’s nothing science and no marketing samples. This is not intended for you to copy or imitate, but something to think about when you’re ‘talking’ to mothers.

You can get many great studies in the internet on marketing to mothers. Or perhaps you can make a difference only by thinking beyond. Your choice.

If we treat mothers in good manner, I believe we take a great step to create a better generation of tomorrow.


Have a good Thursday!