Remind me WHY we’re here at the first place..


Everyday is always filled with surprises. Once again life has always find ways to tell you things..

I knew it all along that our strong social mission would be one of the best reason to make people stay here in Sarihusada or in Danone. Yet as times fly and the workloads occupied our days, we often forget the reason why we’re here in the first place.

So yesterday was a surprise. To have someone – who is not from our company – telling us how grateful we are to work in such a strong social mission based company.

Telling us how many good things that our peers have done across the globes, and how the impossible things are actually possible. To remind us the reason why we’re here at the first place and why we love doing it. To ensure that we consciously educate our children the do better, through the works we do everyday.

And to remember why we need to still doing business to sustain the good mission that we have.

That gave me shivers. That got me scared. To have such honor being said, is scary for me, meaning that there are people who really rely on what we can do to make things better, for the rest of the people, if not then for those who share the same believe. I am scared to fail on people who believe in what I do. There will always be failures and hurts, and maybe it won’t change today facts. No one said it’s gonna be easy.

It’s always a shine of hopes when people come to you and said how they have the same believe in what you do. It is a big relieve to know that you have a friend along the journey to remind you why we’re here at the first place.


Doing the things I believe I can contribute best with the people who believe in the good faith. And may the force be with the good thoughts to keep fighting on what we believe.

And yes we can do good things from anywhere we stand, and I’m grateful that where I am standing now having a solid foundation of the same beliefs.

One good reason is enough to give you the energy to do great things in life. Indeed I believe in a good deed marketing.



Jan 2014