What I learn from playing Soccer Match for Danone – Sarihusada

Danone Sarihusada Final Match for Danone Indonesia Team to Paris.

Danone – Sarihusada
Female Team

The first time in my life, at 33yo that I play Soccer, and for real match in Danone World Cup 2014. We were representing the female team for mini soccer in Danone – Sarihusada to compete with other CBUs to be able to represent Danone Indonesia in Danone World Cup 2014, in Paris.

I don’t normally do any sports well especially when a ball involved. But this one, I enjoy very much being within the team. As much as the things I learned that can be applied to business and daily life.

  1. Practice makes Perfect. This is the bitter truth knowing that we have least time to practice and only 2x of field match versus kids before the real match. So yes we didn’t prepared as best as others, but I saw great progress from each of us from not knowing how to kick a ball, what the rule is, to committed players who constantly seeking for feedback and improvement. Applied in business, the more we practice, the better we are in performing ourselves in things — in presentation, elevator pitch, even in networking.
  2. Team Work matters. Knowing what your role is essential to contribute the best for the team. Knowing your role is unnecessarily knowing the best about your position but to be able to open your mind and listen to what your team says during the match. Those who covers for your back and those who becoming the weapon of the team. As well as when you become the eyes for the team and the defender of the field. Knowing the personality of each team as well matters and know where to put a personality to a position is creating a big impact on the team dynamic itself.
  3. Endurance, Energy, & Emotion. This means to eat healthily, have a good rest, and a good amount of social & emotional connection to balance with. A good endurance happens to be a combination of all physical, emotional, and social connection within the team, coach, and management. From an individual to infect the group and the group to infect each of us. The connection between human energy is what makes a great team solid. The challenge would be how to take a long this good energy to our daily lives..
  4. Push Button for Commitment. We all need a push button in life sometimes. Especially girls, where we underestimate ourselves. I didn’t do this voluntarily knowing how my relationship with any ball-match eventually hurting me, so yes I was being pushed to accept the challenge by my colleague. And I said, anyway this will be good exercise for me to climb up Rinjani in August. So did most of the rest of us. But when we’re in it, I can tell we are committed to come early morning and spend more to practice in between our deadlines. We all need a push button sometimes just to tell ourselves that we can be committed to something if we’re really (learn to grow) into it.
  5. Eyes on Opportunities. Happens that when we’re busy with the ball we’re unaware of the opportunity created within the game itself. I have to say we lost quite a number of opportunities to score goal, because we’re not well trained yet for it. But these are seen by the coach at the side of the field. The thing is that, perhaps sometimes the player need to take off eyes from the ball and also sweep potentials. Just like in business — the biggest potentials are not those with the massive crowds, yet often in those who are neglected… think and see.
Danone Sarihusada Won 3rd place on Female, 2nd place on both Male & Mixed on on Country Competition for Danone World Cup 2014 in Paris

Danone Sarihusada Won 3rd place on Female, 2nd place on both Male & Mixed on on Country Competition for Danone World Cup 2014 in Paris

I’m sure there are a lot of things to learn from any match and sports worth to share, as i believe a good mind shared is contagious to spread more good things in life.

Hope you see what I see :-)





Danone Indonesia : Women With Wings

Danone Indonesia : Women With Wings

How Danone Indonesia Empower Women to Contribute In Balanced-Gender Diversity at Work.

If you have probably read Womenomics, and aware on the recent headlines in business magazines – you would probably already aware that there are significant supports that are being made to create a more balanced of gender diversity at work. In short, empowering women to be able to pursue what they really want instead of surrendering to the Cinderella Syndrome. And yes of course I had been in the same syndrome when I was 25, get a thought on what’s the use of dreaming high at work cause at the end I would love to be a full-time mom & wife… I’m sure that was once most of the girls’ dream because we have lived with such paradigm for many years in all part or the world. And yes, it’s normal.

But the world has pretty much changed, especially ever since my daughter asked what happen after the sentence “And they live happily ever after”. Well I said, “Our world has grown a lot and Cinderella needs to give more ideas to help the kingdom, so she sat at the parliament.” It helps me a lot to spare on the possibilities to my daughter rather than just giving her an option to become a doctor

And yes it’s true,

But there are more reasons why Women with Wings (WWW) is here:

Firstly, Women in business are a hot topic these days, as women become part of half the talent pool exists. Women are at half of the population, not involving women meaning losing half of the potentials talent pool. So yes women pretty much bring more colors to the talents competition.

Secondly, the fact that we are adapting to the changing market where over 80% of consumer purchases are made by women, and over 95% influenced by women. So why not having the decision makers on board?

Thirdly, Gender balance in top teams correlated with high performance. Survey shows that group of fortune 500 companies with highest percentage women in top has 35% higher ROE and TRS (Catalyst 2004). So can we say, Women are the Muses of the business?

And what happen in Danone Indonesia ?

We have what we call a Crocodile Mouth fact where we have recruited a gender balance of 50-50 women & men at the entry level (even starting MT Program) however this 50% ratio becoming look like a crocodile mouth as women are dropping out from career. Seeing the trend of losing the gender diversity, we questions on what’ve been reasons why women tend to drop out along the career path?

And these are some of the facts, which we have gathered:

  • Women are claimed as complex creature.  We tend to have low self awareness and clarity on what we really want. We have internal conflicts with ourselves, with our self confidence and what we want in life. We merely said a single sentence of what we want to be!
  • Social pressure and expectations along with the support network. A Family pressure on role a as mother & wife, a daughter & a dreamer. To be able to perform both personal/family and professional. To think that we need to choose either one…
  • Lack of Role Models in our surroundings. Or maybe we have great women surroundings but not being able to see them as Role Model. We often think that if a woman gets to the top because she’s perfect while I am not. Because she was born in a business family and we are not. And in Danone, we have loads of great women but we never know (and never encouraged to ask) how would they manage to get up there? How would they juggle their life? Sometimes all we need is a piece of life that encourages us and tells us that ‘Yes, it’s possible’ and happens to these women, so why not let these great things happen to you?

WWW is determined to close the Crocodile Mouth by initiating several activities:

  • Monthly WWW Breakfast. This is happening every 2nd week of the month in Cyber building 12th floor, with active CODI members across CBU and we’re discussing about women topics in leadership, networking, and many other things. The last breakfast we have were in May 11th where we have Dorothy Ewing – Regional HR Director of Danone Baby Nutrition, a very inspiring woman I must say. And participating in WWW breakfast surely give me an opportunity to really learn from her experiences.  If you’d like to join in, feel free – this is open for everyone including male  Feel free to contact us via Rini.ramadhani@danone.com and/orAmanda.melissa@danone.com
  • Organized WWW Workshop for women leaders. This 2-days workshop is facilitated by professionals and as well Women CODI, covering topics on Crocodile Mouth facts and Women Leadership discussion featuring Male CODI at the hot seat to get their perspective and Lunch session with more CODI enables you to ask many questions to them or even simply learning from their experiences. I have joined the previous one, and it was such an eye opener for me, meeting lots of great women in Danone, knowing that you will always have sisters at work who supports you and whom you can always talk to   If you would like to join this, please make sure that your name is within the list & nominated by your CODI – if not then ask. The next workshop will be on May 29 & 30. Since this workshop can only be participated by around 20 women, hence there will be batches of workshop for this. Be Patient and make sure that you’re on the list.
  • Opening up WWW Network CODI with cross CBU coaching and mentoring programs. This is as the support from CODI to women leaders in Danone. It really helps to have someone mentor you and keep track on how we’re progressing.  Honestly, I think Danone has many great mentors who are reachable and very close to you in everyday. You just simply need to ASK.I always look forward to my lunch with my mentor as it inspires me a lot

I must say WWW has a pretty long list to do, and we’re delighted to start doing thing that would help to make a positive impact not only for creating a balanced-gender diversity in the organization but at the most – for ourselves.

And if any of Danoners would like to be part of the network – feel free to join us on NEW WHO’S WHO. Feel free to log on to http://whoswho.danweb.danetuse your Hiris username & password and search for Women With Wings Danone Indonesia.

For any of you having questions or wanting some updates – stay tune in here, we’ll be updating you soon enough on what’s happening 

I do believe that this world – or at least my world  – would be a better place when we have more gender & cultural diversity. This is why we are made to be different, to complement and support one another, to work together. This is why human are simply a social creatures.

Personally, one of the best part of being part of WWW is aiming for the day when I can see that I can make a difference to my daughter Athena — when she grew up, letting her know that things are possible and she can always create happiness rather than just having to choose between choices.

And when that day comes, I shall simply be the happiest mother on earth

3 Tips When Your Career is Your Responsibility

This is something to make you think on HOW TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN   

Before you can say that I might have the privilege of accessing any of “excitements” because of this-that-and -those, anyway – to tell you the truth, I believe I have what it is called as privileges because I work on it. Because Action matters to me more than Words. Because I believe that in order to achieve something big, a chance for a change, we should take times to do small things — starting to change ourselves for a better being – for the people that we care most.

My life to me is pretty much a Storybook that I write; design, and have the discipline to make sure that they are happening within the timelines I determined. Not everything happens as planned, but you know you got choices to make things happen. Just the way I have choices to be in Danone and contributing my best for a role that is uniquely design for me to accelerate business and knowledge through digital. This is the first step to know that I can create my own position one day in a multinational company.

And how can I make things happens?? Aside from the fact that I’m a Believer, perhaps you can try my few advices by yourself. It works for me, and won’t hurt to try, I promise. And remember one thing, these efforts go extra miles and years…

And so here they are few things that might be useful for you (works on me in Danone so it might works for you in any part of the world):

1)      Visibility matters. Get the awareness to their Top of Mind 

This is actually a basic rule of every human being born as a unique individual; we all have our own mixed of personality. Don’t bother trying to find out the formula of a personal branding, do simple things start with something that you like doing best.

This is a simple rule of a marketeer. Those who get the (good) share of mind get the recommendation the most. And yes of course the share of mind needs to be filled with something that is ‘Sell-able’ or ‘Talk-able in a good way’. So go figure what would sell best than the goodness itself? When you do something good, you make yourself happy, make other happy, and win-win solutions. So start with something good about yourself.

For myself, I know I like to express my imagination in style, I’m not a brand-adorer if you might say, but I am a fantasy-adorer. So yes, I dressed up as (my own version of) Minnie Mouse and think of office as my (own-state-of) Disneyland. I dressed up as Japanese because I’m meeting a business samurai, a Cowgirl because I simply wanna wear my new boots, or even wearing a hairpiece just because I feel like it. It is fun to dress up (hey I got this line from one of my daughter’s movies). Why would I do that ? Why wouldn’t I ? I know people (even start when they’re babies) like smiling-pretty faces, nice-looking-happy person, so why not make all of us happy ?Simple rules of human truth.

2)      Be contagious! Connect with people.

Visibility doesn’t stop to the awareness level. The responsibility goes all the way to getting people to know you better. To know what you can do best, so that you can help them better.

It came to surprise me when my boss asked if I knew someone having a requirement that I happen realized that is so me! It shocked me to know that I am not known yet for what I do best and love to be doing. I go screaming inside saying, ‘pick me!! Me! I’d love to do that!’ And so I decided to get involved in projects that will reveal my expertise in Digital as part of the CRM mix. I shared my experiences and knowledge to my team, and to anyone I know that might perhaps I could contribute in solving their problems. I’ve come to a state-of-mind that it is not about whom the project owner is anymore, but making sure that what I believe as a good plan will work by itself, because it would do goodness to many people. And see them roll out like wonders..

And how would you build conversations with people, make them to willingly listen to your ideas? For myself – I know I like to have fun, make people laugh in a way to enjoy moments and conversations with them. I take part to become the family of Sarihusada – I sincerely feel like a daytime family. So yes, take part in lunch with everyone, go to celebrations or farewells and mingle with people in dance class, yoga class, even in random conversations.And, we all can start with a smile and say Good Morning   

And my desk are always open for conversations and that we do that with fun – like when boys do that over cigarette/coffee break, girls do our connection moments with polishing our nails – doing eyeliners – or simply snacking time. This is one of the skills I learnt in the past to bring out your work conversations to informal events – hence by then you can talk freely about it and surprisingly get brilliant ideas as solution to your problems. What can I say – beauty therapy works as best as yet cheaper than a session with psychologist

And how do I manage my works? Most of the time – early in the morning or later on – or best, try to make meetings with yourself, book yourself a meeting room when you need to be by yourself. You can manage time and yourself best by practicing it 

3)      Dream, Do, and Discipline.

Lastly and most important of all – Dare to dream and make plans for it. Don’t hesitate to create plan A-Z to manage your own expectation leave that last options as surprise – because everything happens for a reason that you might not yet understood now. But maybe years later – you will.

Don’t worry, I just found out that I’m actually good in relationship business after like 5 years trying to be persistent to myself that I wanna be a strategic planner! Dreams can change as people change. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy the journey and learn from it. And Don’t stop on Dreaming, go and DO things. and most importantly be Discipline with yourself to see how close you are to your dreams. Sometimes you just have to do things, because you know you should, and cause by then you learn best by doing things.  Simple things I do in these recent days is the wish that I wanna feel like 23 when I turn 32. So I took a challenge with myself to reduce 0.5 – 1kg per week by doing healthy lifestyle. Meaning no fries, no noodles, more veggies and extra workouts. Yes I do cheat sometimes, but as long as the weekly are well-managed then I can manage the longer term. Might not be the fastest way but I’m sure that’s the safest way. So yes, I took my time to enjoy the progress, and it’s worth it. The great thing is that when I start wishing and doing it, I found my surounding fully encouraging me, even to the part of creating my healthy menu

So tell me, what would be sexier and trustworthy than a person who does the Walk of the Talk?
What would be more Impactful that the positive changes that we start within ourselves?
What would be more honest than your own Action?

I think you all know what it takes to make it happen – in Danone, or anypart of the world – and make your life more meaningful. Cause at the end of the day, what matter most is the things that would eventually put a smile on your face. For its learning of life and knowing that you have left a good story on others.

I’m a believer. I believe that Mother Nature doesn’t lie, and that if you’re pulling every effort to make your wish come true at eventually you will make it happen. And I choose to have fun in making things happen.

And so with this – I wish you all to enjoy your rides for today and the rest of the day of our life