Athena – The First Hours

Athena, the first hours.

Athena, the first hours.

Look at her…
this is the first day she arrived to the world
the first time holding my finger
newborn yes, but i assure you she held me tight
and isn’t she gorgeous ?

a growing miracle had finally arrive…
she had finally exist..
Life would never be the same again.. All the worries are gone..
what’s left from me was only LOVE LOVE LOVE and Lots of LOVE …
No work too hard
No night too late
No quiet too empty
No fashion too vintage
No Love too much
No more too less…

And she was named after all the goodness I wished for…
May she became my little goddess in life, the wise one, the smart one, the caring one, and the goodness for everyone…

I miss her already.