Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Coach



Out of many questions about what is Coaching? what is exactly am I doing as a Professional Coach ;-) and what can Coaches do for you?

I would encourage you to ask yourself below questions before you decide if you need to hire a coach. When needed you can put a scale in each question to get better clarity on your own answers.

Coach is not a magician and not a healing-shaman. Coaches can only help you as much as you want them to help you.  And yes, professional coaches have code of ethics (like any professional do – doctors, journalists, lawyers)  and extensive hours of learnings and practices. And last but not least — always trust your gut feel :-)

Enjoy the questioning and hope you learn more about yourself afterwards. 

  1. Am I fulfilled? is there anything in my life that I can progress better ?
  2. Am I open enough to listen ?
  3. Am I really really wanting this so bad ? How badly I want this?
  4. Am I ready to create more focus in my life and business?
  5. Am I having the courage to raise hands and ask questions?
  6. Am I willing to take risks and try new things ?
  7. Am I ready to move forward ?
  8. Am I ready to grow personally and professionally?
  9. Am I open to trying new ideas instead of continuing to do the things that have not worked in the past?
  10. Am I ready to create and clarify a compelling vision for my life and business?
  11. Am I ready to take action on that vision?
  12. Am I willing to stop self-defeating behaviors?
  13. Am I willing to let go ?
  14. Am I ready to start managing my time and money effectively?
  15. Am I willing to discover and change fears and beliefs that hold me back?
  16. Am I ready to accept responsibility for my success and happiness in life? as well as accepting my pain and tough times.
  17. Am I willing to do homework between my weekly coaching calls?
  18. Am I willing to make the time commitment necessary to make each coaching appointment, without distractions during the session?
  19. Am I willing to invest time, money, willpower and energy into taking better care of myself and creating the business and life I want?
  20. Am I ready to create more balance in my life?
  21. Am I ready to improve my personal or business relationships?
  22. Am I ready to make real and positive changes in my life?
  23. Am I ready to find and live my life’s purpose?
  24. Am I feeling stuck or nothing really interest me ?
  25. Am I ready to create balance in my work and home life?
  26. Am I ready to create a great habit of self-discipline?
  27. Am I ready to act self-confidently?
  28. Am I ready to be self-motivated?
  29. Am I ready to hire a coach to help me achieve my dream ?
  30. Am I ready for the better me ?


PS. Do keep me posted on how you feel afterwards.



is professionally registered as Member of International Coach Federation.

Belajar Bersyukur.




Makna dibalik airmata,
Rasa dibalik hela nafas,
Logika dibalik kata-kata,
Cerita dibalik tawa,
Angan dibalik cinta,
Tujuan dibalik perjalanan,
Pemahaman dibalik perbedaan.

Saat lidahku kelu tak berucap
Saat lututku kaku tak bertekuk
Saat mulutku bisu tanpa sujud

Hanya satu yang mampu menyahut
menggapaiku tanpa perlu rasa tahu
tanpa syarat dan tanpa hasrat

tetap berjaga tak terusir..
tetap bertahan tak terusik..
tetap mencinta tak tergubris..
tetap berdoa tanpa menanti..
tetap tersenyum dengan hati..
tetap hidup diantara yang mati..

Tak ada lagi yang bisa terucap,
selain sujudku untukmu,
dalam setiap nafasku, aku bersyukur…



Belajar Bernafas.

Diantara sadar dan tak sadar,
Ada nadi yang bergetar,
Seiring nada terhantar,
Diantara udara yang terhampar.

Diantara ada dan tiada,
Hadir bait kehidupan,
yang terungkap tanpa ucapan,
dan berdetak dalam dekapan.

Dan aku pun mulai menghela,
mengatur hembusan diantara detak,
terhatur syukur tanpa suara,
dalam alunan darah yang menjalar,

Dan aku pun mulai menghembus,
diantara yang tercipta dan yang terhapus,
mengalun lembut dalam sukmaku,
seolah ia berbisik dalam relungku…
aku selalu ada didirimu..

dalam sunyi dan bisingmu..

dalam gelap dan terangmu..

dalam senyum dan sedihmu..

dalam setiap helaan nafasmu..

karena engkau adalah aku dan aku adalah engkau..
dalam alunan kehidupan..





A Glance and a Chance for ‘Womenomics’ in Indonesia

The bitter truth.

During a trip to Ujung Kulon with my 8 year-old daughter, we were visiting a local school and took part in a small group mentoring for female junior-high school students. Briefed by the local teacher to motivate these girls to study and be positive due to the economy & accessibility challenges, most of these girls would end up not continuing their school to a higher education.

Yet among less than 20 people, there was only 1 girl who speak loud and telling us how she wanted to be an Intel, she found the profession as an act of courage and good knowledge. She is different. And with her ambition (and apparently a Top of class) she deserves a seat for a higher education. She deserve to be whatever she wants to be.

But I guess leaving them after left so much questions in me..  What if that girl unable to continue the education ? What if her family asked her to stay and just get married ? What if there are only few seats for schools and she’s being de-prioritized for being a woman…

Indonesia Gender Numbers: 81 – 56 – 5

Indonesia, with its 250 million people and nearly half is women, sadly speaking not half as much of the opportunity to pursue higher education. Based on publication of Local Representatives’ House on Women’s Role in Indonesia Development , found that only 81,15 million are working and around 56 percent of those came from elementary school graduates. Less than 5% of those working women graduated from a higher education.

As much grateful I am for completing my degree, juggling both raising a child and building a career, I feel responsible as much to ensure that my being at workplace makes a different in any ways that I could possibly contribute. Even if the changes is not happening anytime soon, as even when it takes 81 years  for eliminating the questions of gender parity at work. It helps to start now. The United Nations estimates that Asia-Pacific economies could grow by an additional $89 billion per year if women realized their full economic potential, and that output per worker could rise 7-18 percent if business opportunities for women and men were equal. So yes, Let’s think about the good difference that we can make for Indonesia Economy.

Based on the study done by The Asia Foundation, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia employs around 96 percent of country’s workforce and women make up about one-third of  ownership. SMEs served as the backbone of developing Asian Economies. SMEs has given women in Asia a better opportunity to contribute to their noble being as women of the house who take a primary care of the children.  Hence, women can have both, Work & Family. So yes, in order for Companies to benefit or the rise of these womenomics in Indonesia, it needs start thinking on how it can facilitate the needs of Indonesian women for being in a harmony — both work and family.

It’s not only happening in developing countries..

A survey of Harvard Business School  found that 37 percent of millennial women and 42 percent of those already married planned to interrupt their career for family. That compared to 28 percent of Gen X women and 17 percent of baby boomers. Anotherstudy of female students graduating from Wharton found the disbelieve of achieving both career and family success due to lack of organization support.

Peeking Womenomics and understanding the needs for a company to have a supporting policy for working women in order to meet the optimum business growth of a company, I wouldn’t be surprised when the next fresh graduate would keep an eye for a more mother-friendly company to work for. So yes a balance for both Work & Family is not a matter of Indonesia but also a Global matter. And to make it even clearer, men as well demand the similar balance. It is a diversity needs, for both women and men.

The target to achieve: Gender Diversity on Board.

Following the catalyst report, business players realizing the needs to play in the game of change. And most Corporate Giants dominantly those in FTSE 100 are now rushing to meet the Target set by Lord Davies is achieving 1/3 of Women on Board by 2020. A good thing this year, 26 percent of Women on Board by end of 2015 seems very possible, yet  it was predicted to be plateauing effect longer term  whereby the percentage of women on boards fails to achieve more than 28 percent by 2020.

This effect is caused by the high intake of female directors immediately after the Davies Report, but not sustained ever since. Other study proved that quota is not the answer for this, it helps to recruit but not a warranty for retention. It’s a good thing to have quota but being good is not enough for this.

Then WHAT?

3 perspectives of Chances to Contribute towards the Womenomics era in Indonesia

Things that a Country can do :

  1. Promoting societal supports. As women in Indonesia is dominantly responsible for a child-care, it would help to set a role model for men to take active role of partnership in parenting.
  2. Intervention to support women in business. Improving access to business information and promoting more business events to participate and connect with. Indonesian women are exceptionally among other countries in participation of Business Association. The crave for connection has apparently helped women in finding ways to make things possible.
  3. More women in the house. Yes — I know I said quota is only a start. Yet a country policy impact millions of people. Having women in the house have a similar effect as having women on board.


Things that Companies can do to sustain :

  1. Adaptation of a company policy in ways of working. We know that we will need more millennials in our business, it’s be there or be behind in the game of changes. Diversity in recruits and Flexibility is what becomes essential value for Millennials.
  2. Provide mentoring & sponsoring for women, not only between women but as well from men. With periodical mentoring, sustainability is being created. Sponsorship will also help boost more confidence of having potential women on board — for both the talent and the other stakeholders.
  3. Promote connection both internal & external. Internal for women to develop themselves and network — we know from study how Indonesian women loves to mingle and share thoughts. External for women to connect with other companies/business as well also taking part in government effort to support women participation in economy.

Things that WE CAN do :)

  1. Be a responsible marketer. Considered myself blessed having a job to service million of Indonesian Mothers, as women holds at least 80% purchase decision — this Company holds  a great influence to shaping the thoughts and perception of a society in a long run through our communication and interaction with them. So be mindful and think about the future of our kids ;-)
  2. Be part of the game. Lucky to be in a company that promotes to have 1/3 of women on board and 1/3 of nationality diversity, so considered I am a woman of color hence my chance is higher, logically. Let’s see how the game is played then ;-)
  3. Be a good citizen and always remember to pay it forward. One last favorite quote, in everything that we do, try to say this out loud when you start the morning:

So women, go step forward, be seen, and ask yourself —  If not me, who ? If not now, when ? – Emma Watson #HeForShe

And please don’t stop here, add your things to these lists :-)


Marketing to Mothers

Nope. No science behind this. Even though I have been doing marketing to mothers almost like a decade now and way before I am one.

The fact how marketeers are focused on fulfilling this motherhood moments with so many information and offers is not completely wrong, or misleading, yet I have to say blinded sometimes.

And because I’m a mother, and I do marketing gor a living, I’ve come with 2 pieces of reminder on doing Marketing for Mothers (at least keep reminding myself):


1) There is a woman in every mother.

What happen when a baby is born? The whole world and eyes went to his little eyes and fingers. That is the most natural thing to happen, the whole world revolve around him. Every mother would put her first 3 priority for baby, baby, baby. That what put a smile on each mother’s voice. And many times forgetting that every mother is a woman inside. We are not only doing babies. We do shoes and make ups sometimes.

There are times when a mother doesn’t even bother if they have time for themselves as a woman, this is the great time to say to her, that there’s a woman inside of her.

She wanna be a stay at home mom, try to sell things out on facebook and end up also buy things from other mothers. Unessentially a motherhood stuff. Yet this is how women operates within circles of trusts. There’s a need for every mother as in women to support and have encouragement from and to other women. Mothers are the type of women that has gone through sleepless nights and 9mos of roller coaster ride. Tell me if this one won’t cherish a nice shoes.

Women, if you date one and she says ‘I’m ok’ what is the chance that she needs a hug? :-)

Get the message clear, she may be special because she’s a mother but her inner will always be a woman.

So when you try to do marketing to mother, think of what would it takes to date a special woman. Please do enlight our lives ;-)


2) When a woman become a mother, she has became wiser.

Meaning, don’t sell her crap. Don’t tell her lies or things that you don’t really meant to. Just be honest. Be authentic in your communication with mothers. Don’t speak from a brand’s voice or product’s. Speak from your heart, a human voice.

Every mother can bear any imperfection in life. And the least thing she can bear is telling her if the world goes fine while it’s not.

She can tell it from her hunch or maybe from the pieces she heard from her circles. She has became wiser in a way that she will look things thoroughly and ask her spheres.

Be wise in your communication, and be authentic in your marketing. Cause she can get the facts from anyone. One is said a worried mother investigates better than FBI.

She knows things :)


That’s it. It’s nothing science and no marketing samples. This is not intended for you to copy or imitate, but something to think about when you’re ‘talking’ to mothers.

You can get many great studies in the internet on marketing to mothers. Or perhaps you can make a difference only by thinking beyond. Your choice.

If we treat mothers in good manner, I believe we take a great step to create a better generation of tomorrow.


Have a good Thursday!



What I learn from playing Soccer Match for Danone – Sarihusada

Danone Sarihusada Final Match for Danone Indonesia Team to Paris.

Danone – Sarihusada
Female Team

The first time in my life, at 33yo that I play Soccer, and for real match in Danone World Cup 2014. We were representing the female team for mini soccer in Danone – Sarihusada to compete with other CBUs to be able to represent Danone Indonesia in Danone World Cup 2014, in Paris.

I don’t normally do any sports well especially when a ball involved. But this one, I enjoy very much being within the team. As much as the things I learned that can be applied to business and daily life.

  1. Practice makes Perfect. This is the bitter truth knowing that we have least time to practice and only 2x of field match versus kids before the real match. So yes we didn’t prepared as best as others, but I saw great progress from each of us from not knowing how to kick a ball, what the rule is, to committed players who constantly seeking for feedback and improvement. Applied in business, the more we practice, the better we are in performing ourselves in things — in presentation, elevator pitch, even in networking.
  2. Team Work matters. Knowing what your role is essential to contribute the best for the team. Knowing your role is unnecessarily knowing the best about your position but to be able to open your mind and listen to what your team says during the match. Those who covers for your back and those who becoming the weapon of the team. As well as when you become the eyes for the team and the defender of the field. Knowing the personality of each team as well matters and know where to put a personality to a position is creating a big impact on the team dynamic itself.
  3. Endurance, Energy, & Emotion. This means to eat healthily, have a good rest, and a good amount of social & emotional connection to balance with. A good endurance happens to be a combination of all physical, emotional, and social connection within the team, coach, and management. From an individual to infect the group and the group to infect each of us. The connection between human energy is what makes a great team solid. The challenge would be how to take a long this good energy to our daily lives..
  4. Push Button for Commitment. We all need a push button in life sometimes. Especially girls, where we underestimate ourselves. I didn’t do this voluntarily knowing how my relationship with any ball-match eventually hurting me, so yes I was being pushed to accept the challenge by my colleague. And I said, anyway this will be good exercise for me to climb up Rinjani in August. So did most of the rest of us. But when we’re in it, I can tell we are committed to come early morning and spend more to practice in between our deadlines. We all need a push button sometimes just to tell ourselves that we can be committed to something if we’re really (learn to grow) into it.
  5. Eyes on Opportunities. Happens that when we’re busy with the ball we’re unaware of the opportunity created within the game itself. I have to say we lost quite a number of opportunities to score goal, because we’re not well trained yet for it. But these are seen by the coach at the side of the field. The thing is that, perhaps sometimes the player need to take off eyes from the ball and also sweep potentials. Just like in business — the biggest potentials are not those with the massive crowds, yet often in those who are neglected… think and see.
Danone Sarihusada Won 3rd place on Female, 2nd place on both Male & Mixed on on Country Competition for Danone World Cup 2014 in Paris

Danone Sarihusada Won 3rd place on Female, 2nd place on both Male & Mixed on on Country Competition for Danone World Cup 2014 in Paris

I’m sure there are a lot of things to learn from any match and sports worth to share, as i believe a good mind shared is contagious to spread more good things in life.

Hope you see what I see :-)





Things we learn from FROZEN – the movie

My daughter Athena love Frozen in every bits, and I love that she loves it so much. She sang to it everyday like she sang to Tinkerbell’s songs. But it’s not only about the song, also about the stories itself…like the way it tells you not to buy in Love at First Sight and about marrying someone you just met :D


Things I want my daughter to remember to learn about FROZEN:

  1. true love isn’t always about first kiss and cinderella stories.
  2. you will eventually see how much a person loves you when he/she promptly gave his/her life to save you. Even at small things trying to make you smile.
  3. everybody need somebody. For a girl, it doesn’t mean a stranger looking at your eyes saying how beautiful you are.. see your surroundings, families, friends.
  4. don’t push away your powers. Embrace it, be vulnerable, be honest, at most be human and don’t be afraid to share your worries as much as you love sharing the hapiness.
  5. the power of letting go. When all you have is you and accept fully who you are, that’s when you can see the world clearer.
  6. is that sometimes the people you love try to push you away.. because they love you and not wanting to hurt you, when they can’t help themselves. They thought they did it to save you.

If you’re the one pushing people away -try to stop, and try to be honest.
If you’re the one being pushed away – give your most compassion to them, they can’t help it and not wanting to hurt you.
And try not to stop trying..


March 2014