About our greatest strength


We often live by expectation. Of the people we love, of the society, of our religion, and of ourselves.

And forget one thing that truly matters. All the things we live by means nothing, if we forgot what we have inside us. not those that we own in our surrounding.

Whatever that you do my dear daughter, you need to know that choosing for your happiness to live beyond expectation is not a sin.

You will find your greatest strength within you, and sometimes it reveals when you have nothing at all but yourself to hold onto.

What every mother wants is for their daughter to be happy. Live for yourself and don’t live your life for someone else.


May 10th 2014


Dear Future Employer

Dear Future Employer,

Thank you for your kind offer and trust in me.
I’ve come to an understanding on why I should make myself clear towards what I value in life – including career choices so that we all save our time to do things we love doing, with the people we care most.

With my 360 experiences across, my focus for career is in digital transformation throughout the corporation, as it will bring the universal beauty of the changing of human behavior – the employee, the boards, the consumer, stakeholders, yes it’s all of US. It also means bringing the gap closer for both knowledge in talent and business within a company.

I fully understand how we are lacking in talents with proper digital capability within not only a company but also a country. And how the business pace is faster that knowledge acceleration. As an Indonesian, currently I am responsible to ensure that I contribute to give the best education for anyone  who seeks actively for knowledge in and about Indonesia. And I have commited to share the voice of Indonesia to take part of the merging of the world in this region.
This has been a constant commitment since I was 8, and I’m sure that I shall make the voice of a country including the minorities heard.

I fully understand the potential of business outcome when people can equipped themselves with digital mindset and capability. Major efficiency that is in both time and money. Companies will serve better products and services to their consumer because they can have real-time and authentic conversation with their consumer. Companies will learn to serve better value for millions of people’s lives. The employees become the voice of both consumer and the companies. We are becoming what we say and do. We become as One (yes like what John Lennon said).

I value education and health in my daily life as well bringing to life a practice of good-deed marketing. I believe that we’re here for a reason we have not yet understood and a good deed will bring goodness to merrier people in life.

The option to be self-employed happens every day (as options to many people these days) but I believe that the great impact can also be done from within the company. Imagine what we can do if we can change the mindset and the way of the people within the organization. Imagine the impact towards the business within a country and the impact towards millions of Indonesian (consumer).
The impact for a business to take part in social mission is Sustainability that’s how philantrocapitalist works. Business and social will make sustainable better future (And I wish I can be the next Melinda Gates, but I can’t, so I will be Rini. Just Rini)

Because I’m quite stubborn and impatient, most people will find my persistence and passion as annoying. Some of the management will have the pleasure of seeing my battle and some will find me irritating. I don’t mind the judgement and dissaproval because you will always need someone within the company to shake and question things hence you will make wiser decision. I am that one rebellious digital rock star!
I will choose to fight for what I believe to be the right of every human – access to better education and health – through digital mindset.

And thankfully the universe is very kind to me and ensuring that I’ll be surrounded with great people who support me in making this possible, they are the one who feed me with knowledge on how to make things happen while I remain here.. born raised and educated as an Indonesian and I learn to share the equal ground of the world through digital.

This is the region I shall be at least till 2018.. then I will sail the world :-)
By then I hope I see Indonesia as a better and proud nation for my daughter’s future.

PS. Only contact me when you shared the same dream and think that I can make a difference.


Things we learn from FROZEN – the movie

My daughter Athena love Frozen in every bits, and I love that she loves it so much. She sang to it everyday like she sang to Tinkerbell’s songs. But it’s not only about the song, also about the stories itself…like the way it tells you not to buy in Love at First Sight and about marrying someone you just met :D


Things I want my daughter to remember to learn about FROZEN:

  1. true love isn’t always about first kiss and cinderella stories.
  2. you will eventually see how much a person loves you when he/she promptly gave his/her life to save you. Even at small things trying to make you smile.
  3. everybody need somebody. For a girl, it doesn’t mean a stranger looking at your eyes saying how beautiful you are.. see your surroundings, families, friends.
  4. don’t push away your powers. Embrace it, be vulnerable, be honest, at most be human and don’t be afraid to share your worries as much as you love sharing the hapiness.
  5. the power of letting go. When all you have is you and accept fully who you are, that’s when you can see the world clearer.
  6. is that sometimes the people you love try to push you away.. because they love you and not wanting to hurt you, when they can’t help themselves. They thought they did it to save you.

If you’re the one pushing people away -try to stop, and try to be honest.
If you’re the one being pushed away – give your most compassion to them, they can’t help it and not wanting to hurt you.
And try not to stop trying..


March 2014

For My Daughter To Remember


Here’s a story to tell to my daughter,
About days when I learnt to raise hands and be a fighter,
Among women, to lift our wings together,
There’s this woman telling me to put my hands down and give chances to others,
Well you know what, I hope that will grow more flowers,
But it didn’t.
So when people told you to shut up, don’t bother,
Cause your voices and hands give courage to others, that’s what matters.
Don’t stop and don’t hold yourself – pull the string together
Stand for the courage my dear. That’s the thing to remember.


Remind me WHY we’re here at the first place..


Everyday is always filled with surprises. Once again life has always find ways to tell you things..

I knew it all along that our strong social mission would be one of the best reason to make people stay here in Sarihusada or in Danone. Yet as times fly and the workloads occupied our days, we often forget the reason why we’re here in the first place.

So yesterday was a surprise. To have someone – who is not from our company – telling us how grateful we are to work in such a strong social mission based company.

Telling us how many good things that our peers have done across the globes, and how the impossible things are actually possible. To remind us the reason why we’re here at the first place and why we love doing it. To ensure that we consciously educate our children the do better, through the works we do everyday.

And to remember why we need to still doing business to sustain the good mission that we have.

That gave me shivers. That got me scared. To have such honor being said, is scary for me, meaning that there are people who really rely on what we can do to make things better, for the rest of the people, if not then for those who share the same believe. I am scared to fail on people who believe in what I do. There will always be failures and hurts, and maybe it won’t change today facts. No one said it’s gonna be easy.

It’s always a shine of hopes when people come to you and said how they have the same believe in what you do. It is a big relieve to know that you have a friend along the journey to remind you why we’re here at the first place.


Doing the things I believe I can contribute best with the people who believe in the good faith. And may the force be with the good thoughts to keep fighting on what we believe.

And yes we can do good things from anywhere we stand, and I’m grateful that where I am standing now having a solid foundation of the same beliefs.

One good reason is enough to give you the energy to do great things in life. Indeed I believe in a good deed marketing.



Jan 2014



I know what I want

I know what I want

as said by Anne Frank through her Diary; a visitation to her house in Amsterdam July 2013.

“I know what I want, I have a goal, I have opinions, a religion, and love” - April 11, 1944

I know it’s not a happy ending for her but her dreams live years beyond her life and her thoughts of love and humanity are greater than the word religion itself.

God creates us to complete one another, and to fill in our imperfections. Why can’t we just look within and try to answer those questions that we ask others most.


R, Aug 2013



The Cinderella Syndrome. The other side of fairy tale to tell.

WARNING! This writing is intentionally for girls or anyone who care enough to be reminded about their daughters, sisters, or girl-friends. Published in smilingrini.com in Nov 2013.

So ladies, this no fairy tale, and it might already happen to you without your having being consciously aware on the impact of your decision made for your life.

To warn you before reading this through,

I do not expect all of you to understand this and I do believe that some part of the ladies are just there wondering if they ever have the courage to be aware of their decision, and not to leave before they actually leave.

Every chance comes with the other chance of ‘what if’ you take other chances.

This writing is meant to put you to full consciousness on any decision made in your life is Real.

Cinderella Syndrome is also known as The Cinderella Complex to by which definition in Wikipedia firstly introduced by Colette Dowling as an unconscious desire to be taken care of by others. The complex is said to become more apparent as a person grow older. Named based on the famous fairy tale Cinderella based on the idea of femininity portrayed in that story, where a woman is beautiful, graceful, polite, supportive, hardworking, independent, and maligned by the females of her society, but she is not capable of changing her situations with her own actions and must be helped by an outside force, usually a male (i.e. the prince).

How to know that you’ve had a Cinderella Syndrome ?

If you ever say ‘NO’ to a chance for a reason that you’re THINKING of :

  1. Choosing a job for shorter term as expecting your man to marry you; OR
  2. Considering not to take certain roles with a reason of trying to conceive a baby, OR
  3. Believing that the dream job is always out there and somehow you will be led to it..

Naaaah! Sorry girls, that’s so fairy tales. You have been confirmed as having the Cinderella Syndrome.

First, if he loves you then he will love you for whatever choice of career you have made. If ever that there’s decision to certain career choice that need to be based on discussion of you both — not your assumption. You will never know if happens that your guy just love you the way you juggle all the things in between. You do aware that active women can be very appealing, don’t you ?

Second, baby-making things are not happening at work-time (not that I’m aware of) – if you require proper healthy life-style then be discipline to yourself. Yes you need certain condition to ensure that you live in a supportive condition for conceiving a baby, yet the most important thing is you and your partner well-being. And that start with a mindset and a lifestyle. Not excuses.

Third, Yes dream job is out there definitely. But you can not find it if you can not crack how you need to make your current job a dream job enough for you. Every job and every company has its own up and down side. Either way, whether you find it here and now or somewhere out there it would be fully relying on your capability to work hard and smart enough to get it. Even if you’re born with the silverspoon, you still need to figure out how to keep your silverspoon shiny.

Not that I said that you did wrong.

You did exactly right, to your thinking (or may I say the illusion created by which is not happening yet).

Yes your mind said that it might be happening soon. Yes it might – but then you forgot the other chances of NOT happening. So mind your worries :)

The best of chances that might happen to you is when you decide to do it and make a difference for your life.

If ever that you choose to be a Cinderella, make sure that you know that you are in a conscious mind and happy enough with your decision. And that there always at least 2 options of happening & not happening.

If ever you regret on things that you should’ve done – don’t. Go out and make a change to yourself. Never too late to create your own fairy tale. And remember what Sheryl Sandberg said, DON’T LEAVE BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

Take this advice from a girl who believes that her life is a series of fairy tale-like not because she wait for it but because she believe that she can make things happen. And yes, if you made it to read this thoroughly , thank you! and that you are lucky enough to know that I have my Cinderella syndrome in 20ies and lead me to a 2 years post-birth depression. So yes, I did wish that I’ve done things back then, and made things in a different way. 

So the least I wrote this to remind my daughter and to encourage her to talk about chances and able to mindfully make decision for her life, making her own version of cinderella or making the cinderella story came true.

I eventually realized that every mom wants their children to be happy whatever their choices for life. So yes I want the same for my daughter. No regrets.

So tell me what would you want your children be?

Athena – The First Hours

Athena, the first hours.

Athena, the first hours.

Look at her…
this is the first day she arrived to the world
the first time holding my finger
newborn yes, but i assure you she held me tight
and isn’t she gorgeous ?

a growing miracle had finally arrive…
she had finally exist..
Life would never be the same again.. All the worries are gone..
what’s left from me was only LOVE LOVE LOVE and Lots of LOVE …
No work too hard
No night too late
No quiet too empty
No fashion too vintage
No Love too much
No more too less…

And she was named after all the goodness I wished for…
May she became my little goddess in life, the wise one, the smart one, the caring one, and the goodness for everyone…

I miss her already.