One of those nourishing days in Danone.

One of my nourishing moment here is when The Most Respected Person in the Company in the Region, told me how ashamed he felt for being unable to lift my frustration. How he senses my frustration between the positive words I wrote on how I will make things happen. 

I just lost in words for few seconds, 


And all the sudden I feel so small in the Universe, what  was labelling as frustration is nothing compare to the position of the man in front of me.


He senses that I have a frustration within the limitation of business and people to facilitate my energy and ideas. He senses that I will soon meet the roadblock of my own career path, for keep creating my own instead of following the current one. For being some kinda hard to manage person in the team who like to run its own ways of doing things. I will eventually meet the real roadblocks to those who named such system and to eventually force me saying that perhaps my journey has reach its edge.

But my agenda in this conversation is never about myself. It is about showing the possibility of things. And so I keep saying to him, it is possible and I will try to make it happen because I believe that it will bring greater goods. I believe that there’s a good connection between people & digital not only for the millions of our consumers but also to thousands of our employees. I believe that if we can do this right then we can be one step better…

And I am what I believe will be, as what my mother taught me best. That there are ways to make things happen and good energy is just too great to be ignored nor stopped. And I hope that this will awaken the button within everyone to think of the possibility and to think on why we’re doing things in Danone.

And since that day, knowing how I serve to a great company and great leaders I have come to peace with myself. That this is never about being liked or accomplished or even understood, but to know the goodness it will create. That is good enough. Now is good enough to pull the trigger to make things happen.

I will keep my words, when you can push things to happen, try to take a pull. Remembering the days when I do PR, it is not about what you say — but what other says about you. And this is how things will be possible. I promise myself for trying.


And yes, that person is Bernard Ducros, the VP of Danone Water in Asia Pacific. Whom I respected at most and seek for advice even though I have no reporting lines toward him. That one of the beauty in Danone, you can just reach the man on the top. 



May 2014



Busting the Myth of a Perfect First Job.

Myth #1 : You need to have an excellence education background to get hired. 

myth first job #1

Truth is, it would only be one of the checklist in the screening process. The fact is that you can tick numerous requirement that needed to be learned beyond the University’s walls. These people who interview you will not only seek your hard skills but also your soft skills.

Of all the 6 companies that I’ve officially been I don’t remember selling my bachelor degree certificate nor training and TOEFL. I’ve been to a great University and knowing some great friends. But what gets me my 1st job is more because I consistently email, send letters, and call the HR person for an internship opportunity even without knowing that opportunity exists, and even the next 6 months after when I have finished my part-time job as an assistant lecturer (I got one vacant post in between which I turn down). My interviewer was happen to be my senior-alumnae who doesn’t believe that I apply for internship for my personal purpose and no requirement from the University at all; and the one who is going to be my boss wasn’t interviewing me at all. I guess all I have was a big gut (and hunger for experience) — and they have nothing to lose to hire me. Till this current days, the grads of my faculty becoming one of the most recruited of this Company.

Basic rules of chances. The more you try the better chances you have.


Myth #2 : Your first job will determine where you are.

myth first job #2

Yes having a map of your life helps a lot to focus better and choose wiser when you have options. And you will have options, if you pay attention.

Yes I always want to be in Advertising Agency. But honestly, I want to be a copywriter before I know the job called planner exist ( so much wanting to be a copywriter that my boss let me to wrote copies of some POSM :D). And what am I doing for my first job ? I do events, launch events, media relation — yes I print all the invitation – glue them in the envelope, get the labels done , fax them, and call them one by one, and learn how can I simplify my job with words letter wizard. And not the boss who taught me most of the skills but actually our group secretary.

I remember my bestfriend told me how I wasted my skills doing my first job, but I believe everything comes with a learning process and that trust is well earned.

And ever since following where my gut feels, taking chances to opportunities even to things that I have no idea like CRM, Carelines, and even Digital. Never ignore you the signs of universe.


Myth #3 : The meaning of an employee is determined by doing something meaningful, like contributing to business meeting – rather than being an office slave.

first job myth #3

Once I have a freshgrad asked me why would they put her in the photocopy room or making coffees (kinda remind me that we have a joke called copymaker vs coffeemaker back in the agency), what can she learn from being a ‘slave of the manager’, as a freshgrad she wants to contribute to business — be in the meeting room with the board and making herself useful by giving ideas. And I just asked her back, ‘do you ever considered to talk to people nearby the photocopy machine ? to the office girl and the security. do you ever considered that you will learn better from where you are now, perhaps not because you learn the business better but learn about people better? When you are in a higher position you will seek more of a person from their attitude. We can teach you skills, but in order to do that you have to be able to listen. and it means to listen to your surroundings.


Myth #4 : You have great mentors. Or know someone in the higher level to help you.

perfect first job myth#4

Truth is Mentor comes in many forms ; not only in a form of management. And knowing someone is no science, it’s called building relationship — or some other may call it networking.

Like I said before, learn from people in your surroundings. They are your great mentors. Yes it’s great to get to get connected with thought leaders, but what would that means if you can not make a conversation with them ? a real conversation over lunch or coffee or just across cubicles. I always believe that when you show great hunger for learning and always seek for people thoughts, people would come to you and try to help you fill your curiosity. That’s the nature of people, we love to help. It’s just that we need to ask for it too. Ask for it and go for it. Good energy always attract Great Mentors. And you can ask if ever the top management could ignore such a great energy, they’ve come to the top


Myth #5 : Not everyone can be you. I can not be like that. 


Come again ? You can’t be as good as your boss because he’s your boss and you’re just a fresh graduate?

Okay I have to say that this one is True.

Yes you can not be as good as, but one day and maybe times that you can be better than your boss. I’m sure that what every leader would want. Don’t be your boss, and don’t admire a person so much that one that when you realize that this person is not perfect then you lost the trust in yourself. Trust me don’t overdo things.

Noone is Perfect as Noone is Imperfect. Imperfection is the perfection of life itself. What makes it different is that some people would rather keep their troubles for themselves. Not because they don’t trust you, well perhaps yes.. but maybe also because they know enough that everyone fight their own battle inside.


There goes the 5 Myths from which I can tell from what I have experienced. Got a different thought, come and let me know — I’ll buy you coffee :-)



May 29th 2014

About our greatest strength


We often live by expectation. Of the people we love, of the society, of our religion, and of ourselves.

And forget one thing that truly matters. All the things we live by means nothing, if we forgot what we have inside us. not those that we own in our surrounding.

Whatever that you do my dear daughter, you need to know that choosing for your happiness to live beyond expectation is not a sin.

You will find your greatest strength within you, and sometimes it reveals when you have nothing at all but yourself to hold onto.

What every mother wants is for their daughter to be happy. Live for yourself and don’t live your life for someone else.


May 10th 2014