Hagia Sophia, a Symbol of Humanity.

hagia sophia

I could spent ages just to be here and surrender to its serenity…
Where the moslem performed shalat in one corner, and the Christians lit the candle in another, and the rest of other people among any religions and race were standing beneath this hundred years of beautiful Saint Sophie or named Hagia Sophia.

Your life is defined by what you choose to think, say, and do; the ego can claim anything yet humans are capable of a higher consciousness.
You can not force the blind to see nor the deaf to hear, but you can share the good feelings that calms down instead of sparing hatreds. You decide.
You can put the difference to fight for or to embrace with.
We are all essentially human. What right do we have to say that other God’s creation are lower than our being ?

true to your heart

No matter what,

You don’t owe any explanation to others

And don’t need acceptance from others

There are reasons for everything but not everthing need to be understood.

Sometimes you need to have faith and let the universe take care the rest.




why am I the misfit of all being here

In the middle of business dinner conversation and people asks about work experiences and I have finally understand myself why I’m feeling like a misfit in between, like a rookie among the rocket scientists.. the most analog person in digital.

Of all the job I took before I have least or no experience except knowing how the consumer within the category works.

When I tool the digital job, my friend warned me that I will lose all the credibility I have made in doing ads and events and the connection with all the press. She said that I might lose all, and end up having no one hiring me at such payroll. Plus I’m not a tech savvy girl, of all I’ve got one out of one thousand case of motherboard failures. I’m a late gadget adopters and always believe in the functionality that a gadget bring to our lives.

When I first joined in Danone-Sarihusada, I have never take charge of doing contact center, carelines, databases, and even dealing with system. I did understand bits cause I’ve spent times to observe how things operate. But never take charge before. And there was winning Gold on our 2nd year of operations.

So I guess that’s my specialties, the unknown area. No wonder if I aim for something that never exist before. Because I believe someone gotta start somewhere.. 

Of course I have something constant in my life except of finding new things to do.. That is how I keep my feet in the world of women and motherhood. At the end it’s about how well do you know your consumer and take part to create a value for their life. This is about being presence at the human level — no matter how savvy you are.

I’m constantly happy being a misfit, and now I would raise a question to myself when finding myself in the majority side cause when that happen I lose the essence of being who I am.





Dear Future Employer

Dear Future Employer,

Thank you for your kind offer and trust in me.
I’ve come to an understanding on why I should make myself clear towards what I value in life – including career choices so that we all save our time to do things we love doing, with the people we care most.

With my 360 experiences across, my focus for career is in digital transformation throughout the corporation, as it will bring the universal beauty of the changing of human behavior – the employee, the boards, the consumer, stakeholders, yes it’s all of US. It also means bringing the gap closer for both knowledge in talent and business within a company.

I fully understand how we are lacking in talents with proper digital capability within not only a company but also a country. And how the business pace is faster that knowledge acceleration. As an Indonesian, currently I am responsible to ensure that I contribute to give the best education for anyone  who seeks actively for knowledge in and about Indonesia. And I have commited to share the voice of Indonesia to take part of the merging of the world in this region.
This has been a constant commitment since I was 8, and I’m sure that I shall make the voice of a country including the minorities heard.

I fully understand the potential of business outcome when people can equipped themselves with digital mindset and capability. Major efficiency that is in both time and money. Companies will serve better products and services to their consumer because they can have real-time and authentic conversation with their consumer. Companies will learn to serve better value for millions of people’s lives. The employees become the voice of both consumer and the companies. We are becoming what we say and do. We become as One (yes like what John Lennon said).

I value education and health in my daily life as well bringing to life a practice of good-deed marketing. I believe that we’re here for a reason we have not yet understood and a good deed will bring goodness to merrier people in life.

The option to be self-employed happens every day (as options to many people these days) but I believe that the great impact can also be done from within the company. Imagine what we can do if we can change the mindset and the way of the people within the organization. Imagine the impact towards the business within a country and the impact towards millions of Indonesian (consumer).
The impact for a business to take part in social mission is Sustainability that’s how philantrocapitalist works. Business and social will make sustainable better future (And I wish I can be the next Melinda Gates, but I can’t, so I will be Rini. Just Rini)

Because I’m quite stubborn and impatient, most people will find my persistence and passion as annoying. Some of the management will have the pleasure of seeing my battle and some will find me irritating. I don’t mind the judgement and dissaproval because you will always need someone within the company to shake and question things hence you will make wiser decision. I am that one rebellious digital rock star!
I will choose to fight for what I believe to be the right of every human – access to better education and health – through digital mindset.

And thankfully the universe is very kind to me and ensuring that I’ll be surrounded with great people who support me in making this possible, they are the one who feed me with knowledge on how to make things happen while I remain here.. born raised and educated as an Indonesian and I learn to share the equal ground of the world through digital.

This is the region I shall be at least till 2018.. then I will sail the world :-)
By then I hope I see Indonesia as a better and proud nation for my daughter’s future.

PS. Only contact me when you shared the same dream and think that I can make a difference.