Danone Indonesia : Women With Wings

Danone Indonesia : Women With Wings

How Danone Indonesia Empower Women to Contribute In Balanced-Gender Diversity at Work.

If you have probably read Womenomics, and aware on the recent headlines in business magazines – you would probably already aware that there are significant supports that are being made to create a more balanced of gender diversity at work. In short, empowering women to be able to pursue what they really want instead of surrendering to the Cinderella Syndrome. And yes of course I had been in the same syndrome when I was 25, get a thought on what’s the use of dreaming high at work cause at the end I would love to be a full-time mom & wife… I’m sure that was once most of the girls’ dream because we have lived with such paradigm for many years in all part or the world. And yes, it’s normal.

But the world has pretty much changed, especially ever since my daughter asked what happen after the sentence “And they live happily ever after”. Well I said, “Our world has grown a lot and Cinderella needs to give more ideas to help the kingdom, so she sat at the parliament.” It helps me a lot to spare on the possibilities to my daughter rather than just giving her an option to become a doctor

And yes it’s true,

But there are more reasons why Women with Wings (WWW) is here:

Firstly, Women in business are a hot topic these days, as women become part of half the talent pool exists. Women are at half of the population, not involving women meaning losing half of the potentials talent pool. So yes women pretty much bring more colors to the talents competition.

Secondly, the fact that we are adapting to the changing market where over 80% of consumer purchases are made by women, and over 95% influenced by women. So why not having the decision makers on board?

Thirdly, Gender balance in top teams correlated with high performance. Survey shows that group of fortune 500 companies with highest percentage women in top has 35% higher ROE and TRS (Catalyst 2004). So can we say, Women are the Muses of the business?

And what happen in Danone Indonesia ?

We have what we call a Crocodile Mouth fact where we have recruited a gender balance of 50-50 women & men at the entry level (even starting MT Program) however this 50% ratio becoming look like a crocodile mouth as women are dropping out from career. Seeing the trend of losing the gender diversity, we questions on what’ve been reasons why women tend to drop out along the career path?

And these are some of the facts, which we have gathered:

  • Women are claimed as complex creature.  We tend to have low self awareness and clarity on what we really want. We have internal conflicts with ourselves, with our self confidence and what we want in life. We merely said a single sentence of what we want to be!
  • Social pressure and expectations along with the support network. A Family pressure on role a as mother & wife, a daughter & a dreamer. To be able to perform both personal/family and professional. To think that we need to choose either one…
  • Lack of Role Models in our surroundings. Or maybe we have great women surroundings but not being able to see them as Role Model. We often think that if a woman gets to the top because she’s perfect while I am not. Because she was born in a business family and we are not. And in Danone, we have loads of great women but we never know (and never encouraged to ask) how would they manage to get up there? How would they juggle their life? Sometimes all we need is a piece of life that encourages us and tells us that ‘Yes, it’s possible’ and happens to these women, so why not let these great things happen to you?

WWW is determined to close the Crocodile Mouth by initiating several activities:

  • Monthly WWW Breakfast. This is happening every 2nd week of the month in Cyber building 12th floor, with active CODI members across CBU and we’re discussing about women topics in leadership, networking, and many other things. The last breakfast we have were in May 11th where we have Dorothy Ewing – Regional HR Director of Danone Baby Nutrition, a very inspiring woman I must say. And participating in WWW breakfast surely give me an opportunity to really learn from her experiences.  If you’d like to join in, feel free – this is open for everyone including male  Feel free to contact us via Rini.ramadhani@danone.com and/orAmanda.melissa@danone.com
  • Organized WWW Workshop for women leaders. This 2-days workshop is facilitated by professionals and as well Women CODI, covering topics on Crocodile Mouth facts and Women Leadership discussion featuring Male CODI at the hot seat to get their perspective and Lunch session with more CODI enables you to ask many questions to them or even simply learning from their experiences. I have joined the previous one, and it was such an eye opener for me, meeting lots of great women in Danone, knowing that you will always have sisters at work who supports you and whom you can always talk to   If you would like to join this, please make sure that your name is within the list & nominated by your CODI – if not then ask. The next workshop will be on May 29 & 30. Since this workshop can only be participated by around 20 women, hence there will be batches of workshop for this. Be Patient and make sure that you’re on the list.
  • Opening up WWW Network CODI with cross CBU coaching and mentoring programs. This is as the support from CODI to women leaders in Danone. It really helps to have someone mentor you and keep track on how we’re progressing.  Honestly, I think Danone has many great mentors who are reachable and very close to you in everyday. You just simply need to ASK.I always look forward to my lunch with my mentor as it inspires me a lot

I must say WWW has a pretty long list to do, and we’re delighted to start doing thing that would help to make a positive impact not only for creating a balanced-gender diversity in the organization but at the most – for ourselves.

And if any of Danoners would like to be part of the network – feel free to join us on NEW WHO’S WHO. Feel free to log on to http://whoswho.danweb.danetuse your Hiris username & password and search for Women With Wings Danone Indonesia.

For any of you having questions or wanting some updates – stay tune in here, we’ll be updating you soon enough on what’s happening 

I do believe that this world – or at least my world  – would be a better place when we have more gender & cultural diversity. This is why we are made to be different, to complement and support one another, to work together. This is why human are simply a social creatures.

Personally, one of the best part of being part of WWW is aiming for the day when I can see that I can make a difference to my daughter Athena — when she grew up, letting her know that things are possible and she can always create happiness rather than just having to choose between choices.

And when that day comes, I shall simply be the happiest mother on earth

Chemistry for a Relationship [Marketing] in Sari Husada

[To manage your expectation, this is not a scientific reading nor a lecture module, but my free re-interpretation towards Relationship Marketing overtime I have spent in Danone Baby Nutrition CRM Agency and within Sari Husada.]


As many of you trying to figure out what Relationship Marketing is.

  • Let me put an nice story out of it: 
    It happened when I met this guy, I learnt what he likes and dislikes; knew the routes he’d taken, what’s his personality and his family looks like, knew the car he drove and what kinda music he listened to. (Hey, I’m not a stalker, I’m just doing backyard insight here :p )  To certain moment that I noticed him and attracted to him, I will come to appear whenever he nearby, put on my personality that would attract him, talk about the music I know we both like. I’m seeking the common between us and moments that can capture conversation between us.
    I wouldn’t know yet if I’m gonna marry him, yet I knew he paid all the dates and be there for me whenever I needed him. Enough said that time spent between us help me to know him best and enough to know that I wanna marry this guy and would love to spend the rest of my life with him.
    My lecturer used to say that building a relationship is an investment – of emotion, time, money, and all other things. The more you spend time with a person then you are starting to invest on this person. You will only gather your Return-of-investment later on.. (On my case when he pays all my bills and gave me a baby girl)



It is actually still the same interpretation of Relationship Marketing. Some called Customer Relationship Marketing, and some other called Brand Relationship Marketing. The subject of this science is always be: a consumer. human.


When we talk about a customer lifecycle then we need to identify on which phase of lifetime he/she is now? Which segmentation? And what’s our business objective?

Is this person is a non-user? Is she a competitor user? Is she a current user? Or has she had enough with our brands?

Do we want them to try our products? Consume our products? Convert to us from the competitor? Or do we want them to talk more about us?

  • First Segment: The Non User / Prospect | Task : Acquisition.
    Remember when Harry Potter kissed Cho Chang for the first time?
    He’s never been kissed before. That is exactly how a prospect turn into an adopter – in this case first timer. All he need to do is try. If he likes it then he will kiss her again and again.


In our case, it refers to the segment which is not yet or ever tried to consume our brand. Identifying a prospect user is essential since consumer age along time but not yet our brands. It stays with the segment overtime. This is how we renew the consumer; initially by identifying which are the prospects and induce them to try with a conducive situation and a positive mood. To then generate a positive response towards the brand.

  • Second Segment: The Competitive User | Task : Switching
    Angelina Jolie. She switched Brad Pitt from Aniston to herself. A perfect reason when Jolie said to Mr. Pitt, ‘Hey I like kids and got kids, and plan to have many of them’. She knows that this charming Mr. Pitt is longing for kids that his (previous) Mrs. Pitt did not willing to give. Jolie knew the exact insight to become Mrs. Pitt.


In the case of our brands, firstly we need to identify which are our competitors, what’s the insight of the unsatisfied consumers, and what would make them look at us. In short, we want them to convert to our brand. And sometimes our potential switchers don’t come from the direct competitors. Sometimes it can be from different segments – It is us who need to really see who can be converted out there.

  • Third Segment : The Current User | Task : Retention
    This is exactly what happen to every women (if not most women then) in a purpose of buying one certain dress in Mal Ambassador. Since the moment we walked in our eyes were pampered with glitters of brooches and belts and purse.. and figure ‘lemme get this one brooch it fits my Wednesday Batik’. After 10 meters we found scarfs and earrings and shoes. But only buying 2 of them. There goes every floor up to the 4th when we found this Durian Pancake and told ourselves that we deserve it after a long hour of working.  It happens to all the women who went to a beauty-salon with gym service, bag & shoes outlets, and a manado restaurant.


We can identify whether we want this person to stay longer with our brand or perhaps make them uplift the purchase. It depends on the consumer characteristic. We can cross sell with other product category within ours or with the same segment or even up sell to increase purchase.
On babyfood – for sure the share of stomach is none to be uplifted, hence we intend to try keeping them as long as possible throughout the consumer lifetime journey. The formula for this would be, the longer a consumer stays with us, the bigger value of this consumer for us.

  • Four Segment : The Lapsed User | Task : Win back/Advocacy
    For this fourth segment in our case are those who are no longer consuming our brand. It could possibly that they switched to others, or it could possibly beyond their age of consumption. For the switching out, we then need to define what reason and how to win back. Is it the FMCG style that triggers by promos and gimmicks, or is it something else? For those who goes beyond their age of consumption are actually our potential brand ambassadors. In Baby Nutrition Case, these are the moms that advice their daughter to give our products to their grand-childrens; knowing that it is the best nutrition that already helped them nurture and nourish their daughter to be a great mom as well


And here is a chart to define best about the essential of CRM according to my CRM Guru


That is a brief introduction to a relationship marketing in a friendly words speaking. However if you have any wonder why CRM needs to be related with Data Management and IT things, it because initially it was an IT based scienced that is developed to define consumer data, feed the consumer information and put a history and profile behind each data to later on create a business rules that can define on the treatment towards each data/person.

Well, simply, if a guy had many girlfriends and still wanting to be in a realtionship with all the girlfriends then he would better be able to manage time and needs of each girlfriend in a smart way is it? To visit one and not to be caught by the other one. Pretty much similar interpretation to me 


I will come back here to friendly-intepret to you on what’s behind the CRM infrastructures, systems, and all the support. But for now, I will let you digest and think about how to apply the relationship marketing within your business and even your life; while I’ll be snuggling my 3yo babygirl.

PS: This formula is proven for building relationship with my mother-in-law