One Reason, Every Morning

In one of not-so-my-best day, I told my boss that I woke up this morning feeling lost and scared of things. And he told me, “why don’t you wake up everyday and think of how you can help to improve the lives of  Indonesian mothers and children? Think of what you can do today to make a positive change for their lives”

I stunned for a second, he made a clear point to which I am standing now.

I don’t need to wait for myself to be in an NGO to start doing good things that makes my life more meaningful. I don’t need to be the President to make the change. I can simply be myself, start small and try to make a positive impact to my surroundings. Starting from the people we care most — my family, my team, the mothers-to-be that we chat with via Lactamil Mama Care, the mothers & children that we connect with everyday on SGM Prestasi Center.

No matter where you are and what you do, you can always make the difference in the way you’re doing things. And most importantly, you can start from anytime, like NOW