How I contribute towards

How I contribute towards

It is every parent’s dream to provide what’s best for their baby. This is a pact that every parents known by heart. But sometimes, as parents we are unaware of the impact of our daily misbehavior and attitudes that contributes our children’s character.


I’ve considered myself lucky to be able to work in Sari Husada, a company that supports MDGs goals by 2015 in eradicating malnutrition, a better education, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. I could participate to provide a significant contribution towards the better Indonesian through projects funded by the company as part of the company’s marketing campaign.  I have also the opportunity to directly see the faces of Indonesian C-Class family from up close and personal, and seeing the faces beyond the market share numbers.

In those CRM programs we’ve created for our consumers, I saw the enthusiasm in them to contribute towards their children better education. Not only the mothers but as well the fathers. They attend classes for stimulating children’s growth and development knowing that they can do better than what they had in previous years. They are aware that they can do better but they don’t know how. They need to be facilitated.

Furthermore to increase better understanding on parenthood and support MDGs, there’s the need to as well educate those in pregnancies and beyond. The need for married couples to understand the responsibility of having children even before they agree to get married at first place. The need for Pregnant Mums to understand that they need the proper nutrition intake and as well all the emotional preparation and supports from the environment, as they need to understand that this is the moment where the mum & baby bond is created. The need for Breastfeeding Mums to understand that breastfeeding is not only about the quantity and quality of the breast milk itself but as well the connection that is being made during the breastfeeding time. The essentials for early days for understanding and building the baby’s character.

The more involvement I have in the business the more I see what I could possibly do best for this country – with the ability to turn around the situation, I could contribute an added value for the business owner hence they can invest more on good-deed marketing. By then these education and empowerment relationship programs could self-fund and sustain by itself. It is not the CSR budget; it is part of the product cost within the marketing element, which will hopefully reach more numbers of real consumers in person, beyond the mass media amplification.  It will hopefully provide a reasonable reason for the business’ decision maker of why they should be part of it. It is simply empowering social changes towards the better education for children, improving a maternal health, and as well improving in nutrition intake.

For all my life, I’ve been asking myself on what can I do to make Indonesia as a better place for my children to live in. And here I am – committed in whatever I do, I will inspire more people to empower themselves to do a good deed marketing. Fulfilling a dream for a better Indonesian, starting from any of us, and from anywhere.