A Story from Shanghai : How Hospitality Drive Purchase

My friend, Christina, and I have this opportunity to visit Dumex China team in Shanghai. Naturally being girls, we still managed to shop around the Yu Garden after meetings.

I was stressed out finding how my mobile phone was dysfunctional on my little girl’s birthday. Being lost in my own mind, I accompanied Christina to seek out some girly shoes. And it was a bit raining, so I thought why not took a shelter at the store. I have set my mind not to buy anything else, yet the ballerina shoes reminded me of my girl. And the shopkeeper lady ask the height of my girl — of course using body language and not Mandarin nor English. She didn’t get the exact pinkiesh that I want, but she showed me more options on the colour tones. Of course, she’s selling — that’s my mind saying.

I took a seat. And the Lady talked to his husband, appointed me several times. Then the husband turned on the ceiling fan. And the lady offered me a roll of tissue. I was surprised !!

I haven’t bought anything and showed no interest in her stuffs, however she notice that I’ve a drop of sweat on my forehead and very much tired. She noticed that I’m not comfort with the humid of a rainy day.

I was honored and amazed by her friendliness and hospitality, though we didn’t talk the same lingua. I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of shoes — willingly and consiously — and so does Christina with the un-bargained price. We even wondering the contact number of the Lady’s store. However being clueless, she couldn’t understand what we asked. We ended up with no contact number yet wished her a ver good selling out of her shoes.

This unique experience might only happened to girls like us, might as well happen to a mom like me, or perhaps any other people. And it left me questioning how many times have I become an addict to a brand due to its amazing personal experiences, and vice versa. Perhaps you can ask yourself..

This is why, a positive experience takes a big part on building a solid relationship with the consumer. And it’s not only about the CRM team, yet including the people getting in touch with the consumer directly at the last mile.

A so called good-deed marketing.. ever figure why?

PS: Later on that night, I was still unable to use my number, but I got all figure it out: I went skype-ing with my little girl and my husband

Danone Campus : Bo-Le in Bali

Bo-Le, or as known as Horse in famous Chinese Idiom is nowadays referring to the capability of identifying and discovering talents.

Bo-Le Workshop is the last Agenda that we had in Danone Campus, in Nusa Dua - BALI, today.

It came to surprise me how Bo-Le philosophy has  tranformed to a meaningful inspiration towards Danoners Leadership program. Danone take it seriously to identify and discover a great potential within Danoners to be nurtured as the future Asian Leaders. It is not Danone who will change Asia, but it is the future Asian leaders that will tranform Asian business and as well transform Danone way of business.

It is a great inspiration, and trully an Idealism. Many companies put these nice words to a MISSION. But in Danone, I see ACTION.

So what kinda Action was it that I have just experienced? We are given a task in this workshop to create a creative short-movie/ads on a key storyline about Bo-Le philosophy in a modern way. It is Fun and at the same time meaningful:

  • To work with other Danoners that we merely met and said hello within a limited time to perform a teamwork that able to resolve a great work.
  • To be able to get a solid perception on what the brief is actually saying and the committment to deliver the best result.
  • And it the end it’s not only about the work; but about the great feelings of working together and enjoying our companionship. When the group was formed, I knew only one person — and when it’s done, I hugged them like bestfriends.

Both process and result — are meaningful. And at the end it become one of the way of Danone to identify a great potentials within Danoners.

I must say. This Bo-Le workshop is a unique way of identifying & nurturing Asian potential leaders among us.

In short — happy to be here